Privacy policy


At the Tengvall Law Firm (Advokatfirman Tengvall AB) we take your privacy seriously and will only use and administer your personal information in accordance with law (GDPR). Down below, you will find information regarding usage and handling of data on this web page.

What data do we store and for how long?

We have two forms on the web page and respective form have fields in which you can apply information. It is from these two fields data is stored. The web page also uses cookies. The data will not be stored longer than is necessary for with the purposes of the usage.

Receive, change or delete the stored information

If you want to know if the Tengvall Law Firm (Advokatfirman Tengvall AB) has personal information about you, send a signed request to us. You have the right to request information about your personal information that is being handled by the Tengvall Law Firm and also to have that information corrected or deleted. Please observe that some personal information cannot be removed due to the fact that the Tengvall Law Firm must abide by the Swedish Bar Associations ethical code and that we therefor have an obligation to register some personal information so that we can perform i.e. dismissals of disqualifications.


You have the right to withdraw your consent to the usage of your personal information that the law firm can remove at any time by contacting the data controller.

Carl-Johan Tengvall (data controller)
Phone: 08 27 00 25

The Tengvall Law Firm (data controller)
Company registration number: 556449-7427
City: Stockholm
Areal code: 115 22