Member of the Swedish Bar Association since 1989

Founded the Tengvall Law firm in 1992

Master of Laws, LL.M. from Stockholm university

Service as a law clerk at the district court of Västerås

Also speaks Estonian



As of 1st of march 2021, certain special reasons apply for he or she who wish to be appointed as children’s guardian in care under the Care of Young Persons Act. Only he or she who has a special knowledge requirement, professional experience and also is considered suitable for the assignment can be appointed (according to 39 § 2nd paragraph care under the Care of Young Persons Act and government bill 2020/21:35). 


The Administrative Court in Stockholm considers Pia Tengvall to qualify for these requirements.

Pia Tengvall has a long and extensive experience in criminal cases. She commits to assignments as a public defender, private defender, counsel for an injured party and special representative for children. Pia Tengvall has a specially long experience working in criminal cases concerning sexual offenses, honor-related problems and violence, young offenders, people who are deprived of their liberty, crimes which could lead to imprisonment for at least two years in the range of punishment and cases from the international public prosecutor. She has also assisted victims of crimes in many high profile cases and assisted in investigations in for example Colombia, Thailand, Belgium, Kenya and Estonia.

Pia Tengvall also has extensive and long experience in social cases, especially in matters concerning LVU (Care under the Care of Young Persons Act) and LPT (Care under the Compulsory Psychiatric Care Act). She also holds lectures through Domstolsakademin.

Pia Tengvall also has a solid knowledge in family law and a long experience as a legal representative in matters concerning custody of children, children’s residency and children’s access right to one or both of their parents. She also commits to assignments concerning administrator and Counsel under the Legal Aid Act concerning administrator, trustee etc.