Areas of practice – family law

Family law

The law firm commits to assignments as legal representative in legal disputes concerning family law.

We offer legal counsel in matters concerning divorce, custody of children, children’s residency and children’s access right to one or both of their parents, maintenance support, enforcement cases (for instance when one party does not follow the verdict) and maintenance allowance. We also work with economical family law such as estate division and international cases within the bounds of family law.

We can also assist you if you wish to set up a prenuptial agreement, an agreement concerning Cohabitees Act, an agreement concerning estate divison or a will.

Some disputes regarding family law can be financed through legal assistance insurance or legal aid.

The legal assistance insurance is many times included in your regular home insurance. If your insurance company grants you legal assistance, you usually pay around 20 % of the total cost for your counsel.

Legal aid may granted by the government if you don’t have any insurance. However, your annual income can not exceed 260.000 SEK (around 33.000 US dollars) and you have to pay for the first consulting hour yourself. If you are granted legal aid you have to pay a deductible fee ranging from 2 % – 40 % of the total costs.

We can assist you with the application of both legal assistance insurance and legal aid.

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